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Welcome to Lullaby Lane – The Sweet Dreams Baby Store!

We aim to offer a range of safe and comfortable baby sleeping bags for your little baby bundle of joy!

Our products are of the highest standard, available to you at an affordable price.

Sleeping bags offer an alternative to traditional sheets, blankets and covers. Your baby stays at a constant comfortable temperature throughout the night and you and your baby can enjoy a longer, more peaceful nights sleep!

The sleeping bag provides room for babies and toddlers to wriggle and stretch while sleeping. Staying within the bag keeps disruption to a minimum when feeding during the night, and being snug also means they are more likely to go back to sleep if they do wake up unexpectedly throughout the night.The safe and comfortable way for all babies to sleep!

These bags make the perfect baby shower gift for any new parent! Buy one today to make sure you arrive with the best present of all – sleep!

Some of our most popular sleeping bags:

A Little More About Lullaby Lane

Many friends and family often ask me why I decided to open a business that sells sleeping bags for babies. To be honest, I never intended to start a business at all, it was just something that I fell into.

After the birth of my first son, I was finding the process of settling him very difficult. New mums will know what I’m talking about, pacing the floors during the night, running through a checklist in your head, trying and figure out what might be the problem.

After weeks of long nights, I was sorting through some clothes in the cupboard when I noticed a sleeping bag that had given to me by a friend as a baby shower gift. I hadn’t seen anyone use these bags before but I decided to give it a try.

Well the next night my little boy had the best nights sleep since we first brought him home and so did I! The sleeping bag seemed to offer him all the comfort he’d been missing from regular blankets. He was warm, couldn’t kick the sheets off during the night and I guess he just felt safe.

From that moment on, he became quite attached to that sleeping bag so I set out to buy some more. After some research I discovered that most brands were really, really expensive. I decided to take a punt and purchased a sleeping bag by Slumbersac. I read that the brand was popular in the UK and had favourable reviews. The best part is that they were half the price of other brands.

To this day I still have the original bags I purchased for my eldest son, and my second little boy is about to start using them. They are definitely great quality and have stood the test of time really well.

Since first discovering the magic of baby sleeping bags I found myself often recommending them to friends who were having difficulty getting their little ones to sleep well. In every case the sleeping bag has made a huge difference.

At this stage I was a stay at home mum and whilst I felt extremely busy most of the time, there was a lot of down time during the day when my little boy would have his naps (in his sleeping bag of course). So I started to look for a small business I could operate from home. I knew I wanted to do something for babies or children as this was what my life was all about at the time.

That was when the idea came to me. Why not sell the baby sleeping bags that I’m constantly recommending to my friends? Lullaby Lane was born that day in 2012 and whilst it is still a small operation, it is something I love to do because I get to help many new parents every day.

I hope you find what you are looking for on our site and if you do purchase a sleeping bag from us, let me know if it worked as well for you as it has for me!

I’d love you hear from you!




Owner – Lullaby Lane Australia