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Hi and Welcome to Lullaby Lane! My name is Alison and I am a mother of two precious little boys! Lullaby Lane was created to offer safe sleep solutions and resources for your little bundle of joy! I am 100% dedicated to providing you with excellent customer service and satisfaction! I started using baby sleeping bags when my first son was three months old. Since then he has had very few sleep problems. I believe that baby sleeping bags provide a safe, warm, comfortable and familiar sleeping environment, which was why my son is able to get himself back to sleep so easily if he does wake during sleep.

I think most people are aware of the benefits of using baby sleeping bags. Research has shown that baby sleeping bags are very effective in getting babies and toddlers to sleep. Much like pyjamas a baby sleeping bag helps babies to develop a healthy sleep routine. Placing your baby in the bag gives them the cue that it is time for bed, which is very effective in establishing a routine for your baby. The bag also provides familiarity, which makes it easier when you are out and about; your baby has the association with the bag that it is bedtime.

Baby sleeping bags also help to reduce many of the common risks of SIDS. The most common causes of SIDS are related to over-bedding, over-heating and loose blankets. Baby sleeping bags are designed to reduce over-heating as they do not require additional blankets and are fitted to your baby’s length and size to prevent your baby from slipping into the bag and suffocating. The correct size baby sleeping bag should not fall off or restrict movement. Normal blankets can be easily kicked off, leaving your baby cold and upset, or worse, babies could wriggle underneath loose blankets and suffocate.

Similarly, if there are too many blankets, it may cause your baby to overheat. Baby sleeping bags are designed to keep your baby’s body temperature at a healthy level so you will only need to dress your baby in the same amount of clothing as you would dress yourself. A nappy and singlet is sufficient in warmer weather and long-sleeves and pyjama pants will provide enough warmth in the cooler months. A baby sleeping bag is the only bedding you will need to keep your baby warm and they can be easily machine washed when dirty.

The range is continuing to grow so keep an eye out for new additions in the future! Please feel free to browse my blog and the sleep resources while you are here!

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