In the Garden by Slumbersac


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In the Garden, you are going to find wonderful, amazing delights that will have your little one dancing with excitement! Your little one might meet Milly Mouse and Lazy Hedgehog on their journey to a peaceful nights sleep. The bag comes in a soft pink colour that would suit your little girl perfectly. In the Garden is made of chambray cotton, so soft and cosy for your little one.

Size Guide

0-6 months: Birth (4kg) up to six months, length 74cm

6-18 months: Six up to 18 months, length 86cm

12-36 months: 12 months up to 2 years (when folded), length 92cm; 12 months up to 3 years (when extended), length 112cm

What is Tog?

TOG is the “Thermal Overall Grade”. It is used to measure the thermal resistance of a unit area. The higher the number of TOG, the more warmth it provides. Ok so what does that mean in plain English please! For cooler weather I would buy a 2.5 tog and for warmer weather I would buy a 1.0 tog.

Tog rating

Slumbersac baby sleeping bags come in two TOG ratings:

* 2.5 tog – Ideal for general year-round use in nurseries between 12-22 degrees.

* 1.0 tog – Use in warmer weather and in nurseries between 20-24 degrees; also ideal for daytime naps.

This baby sleeping bag is only available in 1.0 TOG.

Additional information

Size & TOG

0-6 months – 1.0 TOG, 6-18 months – 1.0 TOG, 12-36 months – 1.0 TOG