Nee Nor – The Little Red Fire Engine by Slumbersac


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Hold onto your hats mums and dads, this baby sleeping bag is going to race your baby to sleep in the bright red fire engine, Nee Nor! The Little Red Fire Engine is made of soft 100% pure cotton in Fire Engine red stripes. The design features an appliquéd/embroidered Fire Engine whizzing along making the exciting neee nooor sound! This safe and comfortable baby sleeping bag is to coming a nursery near you!

Size Guide

0-6 months: Birth (4kg) up to six months, length 70cm

6-18 months: Six up to 18 months, length 90cm

12-36 months: 12 months up to 2 years (when folded), length 92cm; 12 months up to 3 years (when extended), length 110cm

All sizes have a centre zip, complete with zip cover. The centre zip fastens from the bottom preventing any escapes.

What is Tog?

TOG is the “Thermal Overall Grade”. It is used to measure the thermal resistance of a unit area. The higher the number of TOG, the more warmth it provides.

Tog rating

Slumbersac baby sleeping bags come in two TOG ratings:

* 2.5 tog – Ideal for general year-round use in nurseries between 12-22 degrees.

* 1.0 tog – Use in warmer weather and in nurseries between 20-24 degrees; also ideal for daytime naps.

Additional information

Size & TOG

0-6 months – 1.0 TOG, 6-18 months – 1.0 TOG, 12-36 months – 1.0 TOG, 0-6 months – 2.5 TOG, 6-18 months – 2.5 TOG, 12-36 months – 2.5 TOG